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My new home!



Sorry it has been awhile, but it has taken me a while to get settled in here.  However, after two weeks I’m good to go and quite organized.  Plus I finally had a little bit of downtime to actually take a couple pictures of my room and write a big long post about school.  So here we go…


SO move in day was crazy, there were so many people everywhere and it was the LONGEST walk to bring all my stuff to my room!  (I did have a ton of stuff ha).  But our room is great.  I’m in South Maritime, but it’s great because we have a 3 person apt. style room, so three of us share a kitchen, bathroom, walk-in closet, and then there is a double room and a single room.  I’m in the double room, but I don’t have a problem with that, its lots of fun!  We really enjoy the fact that only three of us share the bathroom (because almost everyone else who is in this residence has to share a communal bathroom with 6 people or more.  And the roommates are wonderful! One is a friend from high school, Dana and the other is an international student from St. Lucia, Sarah (she has never seen snow before so we are kind of excited for winter!), and the three of us get along great!


So because we have a kitchen in our room (with a microwave, oven, and a big fridge) I can do some cooking at home.  So mom and dad set me up with lots of groceries and I do some cooking.  But I also have a meal plan and we do eat out a lot (however it’s all healthy! Haha).  Eating habits are completely messed up here.  Usually I eat breakfast in our house and then a kind of dunch (lunch and dinner) and that’s it, I’m sure with time I will work my way back to three meals a day.  But all the food you can buy here is SO delicious.  I can now understand how students get the freshman 15!!


And school is great too!  Classes started about a week and a half ago and I love them all.  The Applied Human Nutrition program here is amazing, I really love it.  We got a booklet with all the classes we have to take for our four year undergrad here and some of the classes seem SO interesting!  This semester I have chemistry, Spanish, psychology, introductory foods, and life: health and well-being.  So far the introductory foods course is the most interesting one.  It is a second year course and we actually have a food lab every week where we get to cook!  I don’t like psychology…so far it seems completely pointless.  My chemistry, psyc, and life class are in a lecture hall with 600 people.  And then my Spanish class only has 30 people in it, so it is very similar to high school.


I really like the environment here, it is very nice.  It’s really cool to just be around kids the same age as me all the time.  Plus the campus here is absolutely beautiful!!  But the weather is far too cold for me!  I’m not ready for winter yet!!


We did a bit of volunteering too!  Last Saturday our tower (in south residence it’s not divided into floors, it is divided into towers) went downtown and volunteered at a soup kitchen! However, we didn’t do any serving of soup, we did some weeding in their garden.  But that was fun.  And then this Saturday the university had an event where they were trying to break the world record for packing food to go to Haiti!  So we worked for one hour and packed bags with rice, protein, soy, and vitamins to be shipped down to help in Haiti.  And all together we packed over 150,000 bags! So that was pretty fun.


And then I did the big adventure to look for a piano.  I found a keyboard in my building, but it kinda sucked so I went looking for a real piano.  And then after this big hunt I finally found one (in the basement of our university center down where all the electrical rooms are! Haha) but it is an upright piano and it is in tune, so it works for me.  And then today I found a church that is about a 20 minute walk away and after the service I played their big grand piano, and then of course someone heard me playing and asked me to play before the service starts next time!


So it’s all very exciting and I really love it here.  However, I do miss home!  I can’t wait until thanksgiving!! If you want to get intouch let me know and I can give you my mailing address and phone numbers!!  I miss everyone so much!


Love you all lots!!

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